“The benefit for me was being counseled by a professional on how to conduct myself during interviews. Ryan helped me by leaps and bounds. During our one-on-one interactions, he was honest, and gave great advice when I needed it, which allowed me to get into the job I wanted coming out of school.”


“Ryan and the Career Services team provide information and ways to experience the job search that no internet article or formal presentation can. No matter where you wish to apply, the skills acquired after meeting with his team will give you the confidence and ability to present yourself as effectively as possible for the job you have worked so hard get.”


"Ryan was a tremendous help to me and other students looking for assistance with job applications as new graduates. He was readily available and provided an excellent resource for those seeking that extra push."



"Ryan was there to help prepare my classmates and me for the phase of life that comes after school. He offered us organized CV and cover letter "study guides." What I found most helpful was his honest feedback, which he provided during our individual mock interviews. The process was realistic, yet relaxed."



“Ryan has been a pivotal part of my current career transition. We work together to set small goals, leading to a phone screen. Once the phone screen is set-up, we connect again to set different goals aligned toward landing that interview. Throughout this process, Ryan provides the necessary motivation and tactics to successfully reach the next step.
I would recommend Ryan to anyone who aspires to be more. If you are looking to grow your professional network, change career paths, or reach that next step in your field, rest assured that Ryan Mayer has the necessary connections, skill set, and values in mind to get you where you want to be.”
"When I was struggling to organize an hour long speaking assignment, Ryan guided me through it. He took my outline and showed me how to make it in to an hour long presentation. Once I had tweaked the talk, he listened to it form beginning to end giving me incredibly helpful feedback. I was confident and well received in my presentation as a result of Ryan's coaching." 
"I got involved with Ryan Mayer Motivation by attending a seminar he gave. I chose Ryan Mayer because I felt he would be able to give my resume the special touch that I felt it needed. The quality, service, and delivery of the product were the most important factors to me. I felt the fee was very reasonable. I had a very positive experience through the whole process. Appointments were always kept, and I felt Ryan went over and above each time we spoke. The finished product was better than I had hoped for. The best word I can think of for working with Ryan Mayer Motivation is encouraging. When I felt unsure and doubtful that I had enough to put together a good resume, Ryan was very encouraging and kept me motivated. He kept assuring me that we would have a terrific product in the end, and he was right. Working with Ryan Mayer Motivation has given me the confidence to go on any job search knowing I have a high quality resume. One which highlights my experience, strengths, and skills in the most professional and concise way. I would recommend Ryan Mayer Motivation to someone else because I believe that he is really invested in listening to and helping his clients make the most of their experience and qualifications. He delivers a top notch service. I would tell someone to do business with Ryan Mayer Motivation because he seems to really care about what the client needs and wants. He listens and is able to articulate all of the information you give to him. The end result is a quality resume that you are proud of and will be confident in submitting to any future employer."