The magic of enthusiasm...

Norman Vincent Peale once said: "There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment."

NVP, I could not agree more! 

It is easy to go through our daily routine without enthusiasm. Nothing "bad" will happen if we stay in our comfort zone, just getting the job done. But when we infuse enthusiasm into our work, that is truly when the magic starts to happen. People notice when we add a personal touch to an email or phone greeting, or are impressed when we send a hand-written thank you not instead of just another email. 

So as we head into the weekend after taking a step back to GIVE THANKS during Turkey day, here is the challenge I present you with - What aspect of your life can you increase your enthusiasm this weekend? 

For me it is going to be the Finance 601 project I am working on. I plan on really cranking up my enthusiasm for this project, so that my group can finish strong as the course winds down.

It would be great to hear from you to find out what "magic" resulted from your intentional increase to your level of enthusiasm... 

Ryan MayerComment